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Helping Canada Find God

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Find God -  In the North.

Acts 1:8 (NIrV) You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes to you, then you will be my witness in Jerusalem. You will be my witness in Judea and Samaria. And you will be my witness from one end of the earth to the other.

Be part of reaching our First Nations friends with 50,000 Scriptures in the next 2 years.  Call us! Email us!  We need participation from coast to coast to make this vision a reality!

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Find God -  At Camp.

Matt 18:14 (NIrV) “It is the same with your Father in Heaven. He does not want any of these little ones to be lost.”

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Find God -  On The Streets.

Ps 113:8 (NIrV) “He raises poor people up from the trash pile. He lifts needy people out of the ashes.”

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Find God -  In Prison.

Hebrews 13:3 (NIrV) "Remember those in prison as if you were in prison with them. And remember those who are treated badly as if you yourselves were suffering."

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Become an Advocate in your church


Find God -  In Our Churches.

Eph 2:21-22 (NIrV) “The whole building is held together by Him. It rises to become a holy temple because it belongs to the Lord. And because you belong to Him, you too are being built together.” 

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2014 Captivating Craft Charity Auction
When:    Sat. April 26th, 2014, 7PM-8:30PM (tentative) 
Where:   Exchange Church, 75 Albert Street, Winnipeg, MB, ph: 204-956-7745
Why:     We will be showcasing Canadian artist’s work to support the arts as well as Bibles & their distribution via Canadian LifeLight Ministries.
BibleFast Sat. May 24th, 2014 time: 24 hr fast
Why:     We want to involve youth in supporting the Great Commission so by collecting pledges from family & friends, and setting aside a day of fasting & prayer as a group at their church, they can help provide Bibles to those who have none, and bring the Word of God throughout the country.

Cut-a-Thon Sat. May 10th, 2014 time: 9am-1pm

Where:   Exchange Church, 75 Albert Street, Winnipeg, MB, ph: 204-956-7745
Why:     Come out and get your hair cut/styled to help supply Bibles to churches, ministries & individuals via Canadian Lifelight Ministries. There is a $20 suggested donation for haircuts, or $30 suggested donation with styling, plus there will be food & drink & live music! Gift Bags will be given to the first 20 Guests!
CLLM Ontario Golf Tournament 2014
When:    Sept.20, 2014, 2PM
Where:   Tilsonview FairwaysWhy:     Play golf and help support provide Scriptures for ministry in Ontario!For more information please go to:

Come see us at MissionFest!

MissionFest Brandon  MCDIARMID DRIVE ALLIANCE CHURCH Oct 25 - 26, 2014

Jan 24-26, 2015 Missions Fest Vancouver

February 7-9, 2015 Church of the Rock Winnipeg

February 21-23, 2015 Edmonton Alberta

Shaw Conference Centre - Edmonton

April 4-5, 2015, MissionFest Toronto

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